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Meditation Begins at 10:30 AM

(doors close from 10:30-10:45)

SERVICE Online 11:15 AM

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Due to Covid-19 we have been gathering online.

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"To awaken each person to the truth of their Divine Magnificence"

Center For Spiritual Living
Antelope Valley
Center For Spiritual Living
Antelope Valley

 Center for Spiritual Living Antelope Valley  

Founded on June 10, 1957, the Center for Spiritual Living-Antelope Valley is one of 450 Centers for Spiritual Living worldwide, dedicated to providing spiritual tools that transform personal lives.


We envision a world that works for everyone.

The Center for Spiritual Living- Antelope Valley offers a positive and uplifting community for spiritual seekers who believe that the universe has intelligence, purpose, beauty, and order.  We offer practical guidance for richer daily living in alignment with our creative Source, such as affirmative prayer, meditation, classes, and visioning. 


Spiritual Speaker 

Rev. Ronald Blair

Co- Spiritual Speaker


Center Staff

Board of Trustees

Members & Commitment 

We, the Board of Trustees, as servant leaders of the Center for Spiritual Living Antelope Valley, are united in our commitment to serving our Center with love, wisdom, courage, faith, confidence, acceptance, authority and authenticity.

We know that in so doing we create a spiritual environment that is energetic, welcoming, safe and fulfilling to all, physically, mentally and spiritually.

We are dedicated to creating a Center which is committed to providing spiritual tools for everyone; awakening humanity to its own magnificence, encouraging spiritual maturity and developing a relationship with God, thereby creating a world that works for everyone.

Individually and collectively we demonstrate our faith and our conscious awareness of the power of the One Mind by the clarity in which we hold the vision for our beloved Center as a vital, loving, abundant expression of Spirit.

Rev. Ronald Blair - Spiritual Speaker

Carlo Novoa, ALSP - Co-Spiritual Speaker

Esperanza Ramos, RSCP - President

Rene Cornwell, RSCP - Vice President

Jennifer St. Jude - Treasurer

Joey Anderson - Secretary

Dean Erskine – Trustee

Bob Domin – Trustee

Open  – Trustee

Board Qualifications

Please click for the list of qualifications and job descriptions for Board of Trustee members. Anyone who would like to be considered for a position on the board should download and read this document.

Board Commitment

Please click here for a PDF of the Board of Trustees commitment.


Members of the Board of Trustees

President - Esperanza Ramos

President - Esperanza Ramos

Esperanza has been a member of The Center for Spiritual Living since 2006. She has served on the Board of Trustees as our Ecclesiastic Representative for one year and is now our newly appointed President of the Board of Trustees. Esperanza works as a Senior Manager of Healthcare Education working across the US. Espie is one of our Practitioners and has studied multiple modalities for healing. She works closely with traditional healers but has also studied with Miguel Ruiz (Four Agreements)

Vice President - Rene Cornwell

Vice President - Rene Cornwell

Rene has been a member of Center for Spiritual Living for many years. He is our newly appointed Vice President of the Board of Trustees. Rene is one of our Cherished Practitioners and among other things teaches the Foundations class available to members.

Treasurer - Jennifer St. Jude

Treasurer - Jennifer St. Jude

Jennifer has been a member of Centers for Spiritual Living since 1996. Jennifer is a Social Worker, a Counselor, a Consultant and an Advocate for Disabled Children, Teens and Adults. She is published Author and publicly speaks at professional conferences and Universities on the topic of Autism. Jennifer has four beautiful children and five amazing grandchildren. She serves as the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees and gives her time to the Pastoral Care team. She's a Shaman and Reiki II Healer.

CSL Joey Anderson

CSL Joey Anderson

Joey is our new Secretary for the Board of Trustees. She generously gives her time to teach the children's church and is a great asset to the board as our organized Secretary.

Member - Dean Erskine

Member - Dean Erskine

Dean has been a member of CSL-AV for over 15 years. He retired from the aircraft industry with retired (nurse) wife Christine, head of children's ministry. Where they married at the Center over 15 years ago, by Rev. Don Welch. Dean serves as a Member of the board of trustees as well as head Usher. Christine and Dean are pleased serving and attending Service every Sunday, and are a big part of our community.

Member - Bob Domin

Member - Bob Domin

Bob Domin is our new Member to the Board of Trustees. He is also our gracious Facilities Upkeep Coordinator.




Address: 1030 West Ave L-8

Lancaster, Ca 93534

Phone: 661-948-0873



Office Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Sunday Meditation starts at 10:30 am

Sunday Service starts at 11:00 am

CSL Joey Anderson

Joey is our new Secretary for the Board of Trustees. She generously gives her time to teach the children's church and is a great asset to the board as our organized Secretary.